1. Nathon

    2005 blaster boggs and smokes

    I have a 2005 Yamaha blaster 200 a few months ago went on a ride and it ran out of gas and brought it back put gas in it and it wouldnt start back i checked for spark it didnt have it so i got a new stator put that on it didnt fix the problem then i got a new cdi and coil that didn't fix it we...
  2. F

    Right side of crankcase

    So I bought a blaster for pretty cheap. I’m rebuilding the engine. I’ve rebuilt one before but, this time all of the gears and everything came out on the right side of the crankcase. I can’t get the snap ring that holds the shift forks off. Has this happened to anyone else? And if so could you...
  3. D

    Where to start on rebuild

    Hello new to this site see if I can get some help I recently got my blasters back from a scum bag who was supposed to do a rebuild on the one and use what ever parts off the other and ened up making them worse then when I brought them to him and tried taking them and my money I won the court...
  4. S

    Blaster revs up after I give it gas and stays revved up in neutral

    I’m just looking for some help my blaster revs up after I give it gas in neutral and stays revved up
  5. F

    Help with engine housings

    So I recently was riding and my blaster came to a stop and just died. Tried kick starting it a few times until it just locked up. I was convinced that my crank had locked up for good. But I decided to open up my engine. I found out that a side of my piston had broken into many little pieces and...
  6. Lucinda Rose

    Rebuilt Yamaha blaster and not starting any help appreciated

    Hi I am looking for any kind of advice I have purchased most new parts but a second hand engine i have a spark but it’s still not starting is there anything I can do or check ?
  7. Nathan420

    Having a bogging problem. PLZ HELP!!

    So my Yamaha blaster starts and rides fine but when I try to hit a burm it starts to bog out then starts to accelerate again when I come out of it. Same for if I’m trying to do a donut. I have no bogging problem going straight, only bogs is under pressure
  8. Nathan420

    I NEED HELP!! I’m a new rider

    So I had this blaster for a while now but never really road it till recently. It’s having a starting problem. I have looked,watched, and did as much research as I could. I have changed spark plug, watched a video and cleaned the carburetor, drained all fuel and replaced with new mixes gas. I...
  9. tristan prokop

    1999 Yamaha blaster won’t move after rebuild

    Hello, I have a 1999 Yamaha blaster that just received a new top and bottom rebuild. New piston, cylinder head, crankshaft, bearings, transmission, clutches/basket, and new gaskets/jettings for the carb.Everything is jetted correctly and put back together, it has new transmission oil. A buddy...
  10. S

    Oil Injection Support, Please help!

    Hi to everyone on this page, been reading a lot on this forum and everyone seems very helpfull so thank you in advance for any help! My Issue is with my 2006 blaster, I bought this few months back and want some advice on the oil injection system. When i bought this quad the red oil light...