WTF? dirty fluid


Mar 26, 2007
after riding alittle today i looked in the trans window its half way but the trans fluid looks like its muddy but i just cleaned it!
ohh it scared the sh*t out of me, i filled it just right, i had to estimate a little.
now i ahve a problem besides that my damn jet is too rich (black spark plug)
its bogging so bad! and its wasting gas so it will only last a hour and half
actually 3 hrs, i've been waiting for my brother's friend who races to come with some jets for my blaster. after i let it sit without riding for like 1 or 2 weeks i would have to adjust the idle and other stuff, once i get it adjusted so it will not bog it will only bog a little but it would be much better.
Is your crankcase hose sealed well? My buddys crankcase hose was hooked up to his carb for whatever reason. He lets his sisters female friends ride it so im guessing thats why.
my crank case seems sealed it has enough transmission fluid in there, afte ryor run it you cna see the metal bowl
ok when is cold you can't see a thing, after you ride a little it goes down hlaf and u can see that little metal bowl its the thing thats in the window i call it a bowl, when i forgot to drian the old transmission fluid and i put some new fluid with it it turned brownish when id rianed it it came out black. that was a couple days ago
When you change your trans fluid you drain all of what's at the bottom of the crankcase out, but you don't get all of it out. See there is still more oil in the crankcase that just hasn't reached the bottom yet. Like for example there will still be some on the gears an still some laying on the bottom of the crankcase that's not reaching the plug. So therefor your new oil mixes with that old oil an the color changes. The only way you could get that older oil out is if you kept changing the oil like 4- how ever many times it takes.
Well when you drain your fluid then put it back in an it shows up on the glass full, after you run it then cut it back off don't expect it to be full again because all the oil is on top the gears an on the insides of the crankcase now.
my blaster had been sitting for 3 days until i decided to drian it i waited a while for the drips to come out
Aren't you the one that said you blaster was boggish now? it could be gettin trans fluid past the rings an ontop the piston making it bog. Just a thought.
Yea i know but if it has trans fluid in it no matter new or old it can still get past the rings an ontop the piston an burn the oil that's in the transmission, has it started smoking more?
Freak is onto something. Im not sure which gasket it is but one of them will cause the motor to suck in crankcase fluid.

Does the level change at all or just the color?