Works Shocks


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Jul 27, 2007
Auburn, New York
I have recently purchased these Works Dual Rate shocks and a week later got a real good deal on a set of Works Dual Rate Shocks w/res. so I no longer need these. I am asking $150.00 + Shipping(around $20). New there around $400.00.

They are used but a little Paint/TLC and they'll be just like new. I noticed one of them needs a lower Seal ($35-40) and both need lower Bushings but can probably be fabricated/machined for practically nothing. Any questions or concerns fire away....

No offense man but $150 for shocks that need to be sent back and rebuild is kinda steep. After buying them, paying for shipping, sending them to works, paying for shipping, then repainting them itll almost cost as much as new ones.

Still, best of luck selling them man.
I have blaster parts if interested, check the forsale section to see what i've listed. Maybe we can work something out?