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Dec 12, 2007
Hi, I am Paul Woodward owner of Woodward Specialties.

We carry tons of parts and accessories for ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and PWCs. We carry alot of product for the Yamaha Blaster too.

Please check out our website. We would be glad to help you with anything you might need.

We offer alot of discounts, and love to put together package deals.... so just let me know what we can do for you.

It's good to have a supplier like you on here, Paul. Welcome. :)

Remember to post any specials you may have in this section. You pretty much own it right now. A link directly to all your Yamaha Blaster parts and accessories would be handy...
We now have a full line of snowmobile parts and accessories added to our line of products!!

Same great deals, and fast shipping!

Check out the new catalog that has been added to our site.
2008 Snowmobile Catalog

The products listed in that catalog are in stock in our MI and NY warehouses, all ready to ship UPS ground on the same day ordered ( if ordered by 4 pm eastern)
Things have been really slow around here... I have to pick sales up this year... big time!!!

Please let us know if you need anything, or if there is anything we can do for you....

any packages you guys need, or just whatever... we are here to help you!

Be sure to browse our suppliers catalogs on our site- Click Here

If you dont see what you need, let me know, and ill do what i can.

factory seven exhaust system, maier race cut plastic, AC grab bar with numberplate, AC front bumper or any brand. Thanks
Below is a list of items that we need off the shelf....
Prices good while supplies last, and are for in stock items only, first come first served.
Please PM me as it is easier to provide service, rather than everyone posting here. Thanks

Quantity Part # Description Retail Sale Price
6 339-1711 12oz DOT4 Brake Fluid $7.95 $5.00
1 04-05 TRX450R Case Saver $35.00 $20.00
1 2006+ TRX450R/ER Case Saver $35.00 $20.00
4 LTZ400 Case Saver $35.00 $20.00
1 YFZ450 Chain Roller Relocator $23.95 $15.00
5 LTR450 Solid Stainless Pivot Bolts $69.95 $55.00
9 Carpe Diem 1 DVD $29.95 $12.00
1 18966-00 YZ250F Intake Hotcam $169.95 $125.00
1 18966-01 YZ250F Exhaust Hotcam $189.95 $125.00
1 16-2010 TRX450R Stg 1 Hotcam $169.95 $125.00
1 JB Racing Gas Tank Support- 04/05 450R $99.95 $85.00
1 450R works rear spring 180 lbs Black $129.95 $105.00
1 181-054 PEP Steering Stabilizer LTZ400 $169.95 $135.00
2 871-1070 20x6x10 Holeshot SX tire $85.80 $50.00
1 679-5075 AC Racing Propeg Nerfs 400EX $199.95 $165.00
1 679-5075 AC Racing Propeg Nerfs 400EX (missing mounts) $199.95 $120.00
1 PD252 Pro Design Intake Kit LT-R450 w/ foam filter $99.95 $75.00
1 PD229 Pro Design Intake Kit w/ k&n raptor 350 $127.95 $100.00
2 PD225 Pro Design Intake Kit w/ K&N YFZ450 $139.95 $120.00
1 559-1115 Quadworks Intake w/ K&N YFZ450 $142.95 $75.00
1 234-3804 DID 520x104 ATV X Ring Chain $102.50 $70.00
2 RK520EXW-100 RK520x100 Chain $80.00 $55.00
2 234-1438 520x120 V o ring chain $81.95 $55.00
1 16-2814 Pro Armor Sport Series Nerfbars Aluminum 450R $197.95 $135.00
2 861-2212 Athena Complete Gasket kit Blaster $32.95 $25.00
1 563-2751 K&S Seal Kit- Blaster $54.95 $40.00
3 Rear Brake Rotor- 450r $59.95 $50.00
3 Rear Brake Rotor- YFZ450 $59.95 $50.00
6 Rear Brake Rotor- Banshee $59.95 $50.00
1 Rear Brake Rotor- 300ex/250x $59.95 $50.00
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i need a factory 7 full exhaust, maier race cut plastic, v force 3 reeds, and pretty much everything else aftermarket for a blaster.
blaster yzf conversion rear fender, u got it? how much, i see winter clearance, better be cheap.