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  • vote for blaster of the month in contest section theres some nice quads to pick from
    Can you help me. i want a REAL blaster
    I need help i have a stock blaster the only thing done on it is a fmf faty goldie pipe
    and oversized it once.
    i dont have the money for expensive stuff like big bore it . but i dont know sh*t about mods

    what sould i do to make it faster top end or power?
    dude i was riding today and the brake cable broke check out the pic it came right out of the thing on the brake pedel

    you have a blaster fly wheel puller how much to 57001 can get one on ebay around 17 shipped
    Thanks for the super fast shipping ! If he wins this weekend I am giving you most of the credit ! ! Haha thanks again... We will be doing business again !
    hey bud, i need a piston kit .040 over with top end gaskets, wrist pin ect ect.
    what kinda price am i looking at' thanx man
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