Welcome to BlasterForum v2


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Apr 12, 2007
Welcome to BlasterForum.com version 2!!! We are now running vbulletin which is a much better forum. I have done my best to import all posts and users, however there will be some mistakes and missed posts. You may also have to reset your passwords. The new forum is still a work in progress so be patient if something doesnt work.

Good to hear. If anyone has any problems at all with the new forum feel free to PM me or something.
Ya me too, however this software allows us to expand more easily. Its more search engine friendly, which means more traffic and members.
I am getting used to this one.
There are just a few errors though, like when you click "Find posts by 'username'," it doesn't work.

I still think maybe a clean full screen layout though. This one's OK, but I don't know...
Ya the search is screwed up. Check the post in the Announcements forum.
i just singed up the other day and liking this forum i've read through most of the topics,im liking it,cause my time is different i hop on it when u's r all asleep i looked at this site this morning and in almost every thread there was a reply......cheers
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Seems like just yesterday I joined! Greet forum and community guys... here's to another 5 years. *Proceeds to drink virtual alcohol*