Forum Features Overview (Part 1)


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Apr 12, 2007
Here are a few nice to know things that may help you as you are navigating the forums.
  1. A Mobile Friendly Responsive Design
    • Much better support for smaller-screen devices such as mobile phones and tablets.
  2. Thread title editing
    • Ability to edit thread title as well as forum prefix for a certain length of time.
  3. Easy Multi-page Navigation
    • If there are many pages, you do not have to click though all of them (5 > 7 > 9 ...) to get to a specific page. You can easily scroll between pages by clicking the arrows.
  4. Quick Navigation Menu
    • You can click the quick navigation icon that show up on the top and bottom of all forum pages and use that to easily navigate to just about anywhere else on the forum.
  5. Member Card
    • Wherever you see a username or an avatar in Blasterforum, clicking it will open that user's member card which with a small summary of a user's profile, showing various commonly-viewed data, such as user title, gender, message count etc. along with the full size (but cropped to square) version of the user's avatar. Further clicking on the username or the 'View Profile Page' link will load the user's full profile page.

      There are various useful links on the member card, including links to follow or unfollow the user, start a conversation with them, view their recently-posted messages, or see a summary of the trophies they have accumulated.
  6. New Post Editor
    • Pasting images from clipboard
      • If you use Chrome or Firefox and have an image in your clipboard, you can simply paste or drag and drop it into the editor. It will automatically be uploaded as an attachment if possible. If the upload is successful, this works exactly like uploading an image and then clicking the "full image" button.

        Note that in Chrome, the image data must be in your clipboard (such as from pressing print screen). In Firefox, you can either have image data or you can copy a file that's an image and paste that.
    • Alternative smilie inserting approach
      • Instead of a dropdown with smilies, when clicking the smiley icon, a new row will appear at the bottom of the editor.
    • Auto save drafts
      • While you are typing a message, every 60 seconds, a draft of your message will be saved.
    • Display if messages have been posted since you started your message
      • Tied into the auto-saving, when you're writing a reply to a thread, a check for new messages will be made and a note will be displayed if there are.
  7. @UserName tagging
    • You can use @Cbaber style syntax to tag users in a post. Tagged users will receive an alert when they're tagged (You can turn of notifications to not receive them when someone tags you).
  8. Watching a Forum
    • This works rather similarly to the thread watching system, just on all content within a forum. Notifications work identically to thread watching notifications: you'll only receive one about a thread until you view it on the forum. Like threads, you can manage your watched forums in bulk via a dedicated page.