vitos high compression head gasket

Ive been wondering how those would work, or if the would make a difference. They seem to be a cheap upgrade if they actually do anything, but knowing vitos..its hard to say.
yea its like milling the head, they are just thinner, but i was wondering if neone has any experience with them. btw vitos has sh*t pistons otherwise they r fine
someone mentioned vitos uses weisco pistions...Not sure if its ture or not..Their 240 kit seems like a decent deal..but i would feel safer if i were to fing a forged weisco pistion to fit the jug of their 240 kit, just for peace of mind..
i knwo but this is cheaper, hopefuly my uncle can mill my head, but if not, i will go with this
dirty blaster u siad someone u know has these and they leak, how would they leak they are just a gasket that is thinner
we are not sure, he has replaced it many times torqued it down correctly and it still leaks, we are thinking that the head is maybe warped a little