Thinking of a project.....


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Mar 26, 2007
Southeastern, Mi
For awhile ive been interested in trying to put a streetbike motor into a quad. Ive been checking local junkyards for wrecked bikes and stuff. Im going to put it in a banshee frame I think because they have some room. What is everyones thoughts on this? I have an uncle that can do the fabrication for the frame.
pretty much any late model sport bike motor will make well over 100HP easy, even a 600cc could do it. whats a stock banshee? 45-50hp?
76-79 kz1000 almost a drop in install, for a grand you can have a rocket!!!!! 130hp stock hp little fab involved mostly mounting tabs and exhaust... not a big deal,just a weekend project
banshees can make 100+ horsepower for what you would spend on a busa engine anyways. I still laugh when people say it would be easier and cheaper to just swap a busa engine than build a shee engine.