It's been a while


Nov 3, 2013
South Wales NY
So a while ago i picked up a completely stock blaster for my kids to run around the yard and one day i'm watching my step daughter ride around and all of a sudden it started to rev up (air leak starting) higher and higher and i knew something was failing sure enough the exhaust was leaking a little and more importantly the intake boot was starting to leak so i ordered some parts to fix that stuff and while i have it all apart i wanted to get rid of the oil injection and go to premix 32:1 like my other blaster the only thing modified on the quad is no airbox lid what do i need to change the jets in the carb to with the oil injection delete i used to know this stuff right off the top of my head but it's been a minute since ive had to do anything to my blaster so if one of you guys knows off the top of your head that would be a great help thanks
i did a leak down already and it held overnight at 6 psi i was gonna if needed but i think it's ok for now maybe when i do a top end on it but for now it's ok what i need now is a nice exhaust but it's hard when your trying to have fun on a budget