Sup guys, LONG TIME NO SEE!!! My bike got f'd up today


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Apr 4, 2007
Yup, first time out on the ol' blasty in a while. Me and 2 friends went back to this place to ride, and my one friend doesnt have a bike so we just kept switchin off between my blaster, a honda XR250r and it was all good.

Well im standing off to the side and my boy chris goes by on his XR, then Kyle comes by on my blaster... I had a bad feeling, because its a narrow trail and chris could be coming back the other way. I thought about yelling but it would be pointless because both bikes are loud as hell. I just shrug it off and figure they will see each other. Then i hear it.

I hear both engines go silent, tires sliding and i start running. Then BOOM, ZING and i hear chris yelling. Well i came around the corner and Kyle and Chris are both standing, kyle said he really messed up his back and chris' shirt is shreaded on his shoulder and his arm is all rashed up pretty bad.

Well they both were doing about 35mph and came around a blind corner, saw each other but it was too late. They hit head on, luckily they hit slightly off center so chris and his bike flew over kyle and my blaster, and kyle flew over the handlebars of the blaster to the other side. Chris landed on the ground and his bike landed on top of him, but the wheel still spinning in 3rd gear landed on his arm and just shredded his shirt. He is VERY lucky the chain didnt hit him or he would be in much worse condition.

So, other than some bad scrapes, and kyles back (im taking him to the doctor tomorrow because all he has to ride is his GSXR600, and no car. He cant even lift his leg over his gsxr to ride it so im gunna take him to the doctor in my car)

Now for the bikes. The XR somehow managed to only suffer a badly bent right fork. But my blaster has a inverted bumper, and a cracked/bent upper right control arm. The control arm got pushed into the shock and locked it. Luckily the bumper did its job and saved my frame from ANY damage. So now i have an excuse to rebuild my front suspension like ive been needing to. Im lookin at banshee front shocks, 03 blaster hydraulic front discs, new wheel bearings, and a nice new DG front bumper.

Ill get pics of the carnage in the morning
Glad everyone is ok. Hope there is no permanent damage to your friends back. He should give it a weeks rest then start stretching and lifting light weight with it.

Quads can be fixed/replaced people cant.

Live and learn.
Yea i made sure both of them were ok before i even looked at my quad.. Then rode it home and brought back water for everyone and Chris' truck so we could load his bike and get them both to the house so they can put ice on their wounds.

Chris is fine, but im worried that kyle slipped a disc, he is around 250lbs so he isnt a small guy to go flyin over the handlebars and land on his ass at 35mph.
The guy with the hurt back should probably see a chiropractor and have x-rays taken.

If he goes to a hospital or an M.D. they will just throw pain meds at him.
Well he cant do a hospital anyway... Hes havin trouble jobwise lately and cant offord health insurance. So hes hoping his regular doctor can do somethin for him and try to keep the bill low
holy sh*t! damn its good that you checked on your friends first becuz when i wrecked my friends dirtbike first thing he did was go look at the dirtbike and i was like what the hell! haven't been friends with him since that day.
i'm really glad that nobody had arms or legs missing, if ur friends back hurts he should still try to get it checked out by an experienced doctor.