Swapping parts from other atvs


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Oct 28, 2020
So recently in my quest to have more and more powerful atvs I acquired a 400ex and a Polaris predator 500. Curiosity and a couple extra parts I got with them got the better of me and I started to see what will fit on a blaster.

the 400ex hubs fit the blaster splines they’re a little sloppy but I just tightened the axle nut down a bit. The 400ex hubs let me run the 400ex wheels and the Polaris 500 wheels, the Polaris hubs run a different spline vs 400ex so they don’t fit.

I was previously running a 400ex shock in the rear and Mojave 250 on the front of my blaster but now I have a spare fox podium from the predator so I was curious if it would fit the rear. It may if you have a extended swing-arm. I took a spare stock one to my grandpa to get him to weld a 3 in extension into the middle of it. I read all the posts about people having bad luck diy extending swing arms so I’ll see how I do but since I plan to run a longer shock too I don’t have to move the shock location it’ll just get cut in half and extended 3 in.

I’ll post some pictures probably next week when I get it all together and sitting on its own weight but if anyone has any other curiosity’s between the 400ex and predator 500 and blaster lemme know I’ll swap parts around and see