parting out a 99 blaster


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Aug 14, 2007
Everything is for sale. I just want to see how much i can make off of it. The motor was just rebuilt but lost compression so im done with it. There also are tusk nerf bars for sale. Just not on in the picture

Let me know what you want.

give me offers


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headlight and switch rear grab bar and rear end skid plate? how much?
175 plus shipping for the frame and nerfs. I will most likly have to freight the frame because of its size so i gotta call them tomorrow and find out
alright, ill let you know soon if imma buy or not...cuz i might just go get my frame powdercoated red anyway... idk yet, ill let ya know
how much for the wiring harness, everything cdi,voltage regulator, switches, shipped to 18960
only thing being parted right now is everything for the motor. I am doing a custom build! Motor might be sold so ill let you know