Blaster with a full Vito’s kit worth keeping


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Mar 22, 2024
I recently traded a 600 raptor I got running for money and blaster with a Vito’s 240 kit I’m trying to figure out the exhaust the prev owner didn’t know much beside he got it with the kit and had a shop port and polish the head after I got it I ran away from itself for not even 2 seconds and lost compression looked into the top end and had seized ring is it worth putting a top end in it I stunt ride and I just don’t know if it’ll be a money pit and too me it just doesn’t sound right
I'd fix it and keep it.

But do make sure and bird dog out the cause of the runaway and seizure. Sounds like it has an air leak. Places to check: carb boot, reedvalve gaskets, base gasket, crank seals and possibly head gasket.