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Apr 4, 2007
York, PA
Here's a few pics of my warrior. I got it a little over 2 years ago, completely stock and in need of some tlc. I've put a lot of time and money into it since then, and the satisfaction is great when you see the looks of frustration on the 400 guys's faces as they can't figure out exactly what just happened. Some don't even recognize the thing as a warrior, and have to ask me what it is, and if it's a new 450 or something. (someday it will be a 450 and then the raptor guys can get same look on their face :lol: )

Well, here's a few pics of it.





And a couple slightly newer pics, new handlebars, tires, and a few other things


one of it loaded up in the back of my van:

The most recent list of my mods (at least most of them, there's so many that i'm probably forgetting some)

Burgard +2+1 nickel plated chromoly a-arms | Works Dual Rate A/T Steelers | Raptor 660 rear shock | Edelbrock Quicksilver Carb | HMF Exhaust | P&P'd head | Wiseco 10.25:1 High Compression Piston | Hardstyle intake kit w/K&N | Oil Cooler | Polished PRM Grab Bar | Polished DG Alloy Nerfs | Alba Pro Elite front bumper | Reinforced DG Baja Swingarm Skid | AC Racing Full Chassis Skid | 22" Cheng Shin Shredders on polished ITP T9's front | 22" Interco Swamplites rear | 12/40 and 14/40 gearing | Trail Tech Computer | Pro Taper SE raptor bend bars | Powermadd Hand Guards | Tusk PowerPull kill switch | Polished brake and clutch lever | quick adjust clutch perch | EBC Dirt Racer clutch with heavy springs | Motion Pro Terminator clutch cable | Vesrah drilled brake rotors | Honda style chromoly tie rods and ends | MR16 Headlights | ASR +2 Braided stainless steel brake lines
Hmm, i don't run a uni filter anymore, guess I should do something with those stickers that are still on there.

This is all a matter of personal opinion and the conditions you ride in, but I strongly prefer the k&n over any foam filter. I think the biggest thing for me is that i'm all about easy maintenance. If something is a pain in the ass to do, i'll probably end up putting it off again and again, because when I have free time i'd much rather be riding than wrenching. The K&N isn't covered with sticky oil, and you don't have to massage the oil in. With a foam filter you gotta soak it with 5 bucks worth of that nasty gooey oil, and then massage it in with plastic gloves (that junk doesn't come off your hands for days otherwise), and then i'm always unsure of if I have enough oil in it, or too much, or if I have spots that aren't covered properly. With the k&n it's dummy proof, you just spray on the cleaner, hose it off, let it dry for a few minutes, and then spray the red oil onto the white filter. It doesn't have to be massaged in or given time to soak in, and if there are any dry spots they'll be white instead of red, which removes the possibility of getting dirt sucked into your engine from a simple mistake or being in a hurry. You can also throw an outerwears on a k&n like I run, then you can run with the airbox lid in virtually anything and not worry about water and mud soaking the filter and getting pulled through. I've got pictures of me going through mud so deep that all you see is a few hints of handlebars and the tops of my headlights, and my filter was still clean at the end of that ride even without the airbox lid.
you are the opposite of me the outside of my quad is stock but the inside is modded to hell of racing.
dirtyblaster said:
you are the opposite of me the outside of my quad is stock but the inside is modded to hell of racing.

Mine isn't exactly stock internally. I've got the exhaust, pro design intake, high compression piston, ported head, and edelbrock carb. The head is ported to work best with a midrange cam, I just didn't get one yet. As it is it still surprises a lot of people, i've already beaten out a stock z400, piped lt250r, and a 240 blaster with the basic bolt-ons. I've beat 450's on the mx track because i'm fearless on this thing. I also beat a banshee with over 10 grand worth of engine work, but that was riding in the trails. Regardless of being in trails, the owner (my cousin) is still pissed off about it. He was about ready to sell the thing when it happened. Not too bad considering I can still go a lot farther with this thing when I have the money and time.
my blaster has a decieving look because the outside of my blaster seems stock, which is funny how people complain about their choke being on but after i smoke them the second time they swear at themselves so hard for underestimating my blaster. how much money did you spend into that warrior?
How much do you have done to your blaster? From what i'm seeing, there arent many major mods to it. I see exhaust, an overbore, reeds, .80 overbore piston (puts you at what, 210 cc's?). Why are you running this on race gas? I'm sure you put a lot less into yours than I did, so it's probably not bad at all for what you spent on it. I just couldn't imagine myself riding a blaster with stock suspension and ergos though, at 6' 180 lbs I almost feel like i'm trying to ride one of those electric power wheels things like I had when i was a kid.

I am building mine up to be the ultimate machine for agressive trail riding, cross country, and harescrambles. Not a lot of my focus was put into getting more power out of it at this point, mainly making it reliable and indestructible, and comfortable enough to ride hard all day. I traded a honda recon for it, and during the time i've had it, I estimate about $1500 in repairs and maintenance, and maybe a little under $4,000 for all the aftermarket stuff. There's a lot of little things done to it, all those 50 and $100 things add up quick.
Hey, anybody have any cool ideas for a new bumper on this? The alba is trashed and i'm going for something a little more durable, and not so low to the ground this time. I have so much suspension travel that my skid plate will actually touch the ground if I go big on a jump, and the bumper being so low can get messed up pretty quick if there's a rock sticking up a few inches. It that first pic if you look closely you can see a small dent from it. Then I crashed it into a tree riding in the snow... then a couple days later went sliding down an icy hill into a fence and smashed the other side of the bumper so it was completely flat against the frame. It was the most boring crash I ever had, i slid about 100 yards with all the tires locked up, and didn't hit the fence that hard, just enough to fold my bumper up the rest of the way.

But anyways, monday is my birthday and the parents want to get me something. I'm trying to come up with something you don't see every day. It's not often that you see a blingstar on a warrior, so i'm thinking about going with the iron cross. What do you guys think?
no it think my blaster has about the same amount of mods in the engine.
when i bought it the dealer only said the prevoius owner used to race the blaster, ohh and he included it was raced for 1 or 2 races. the motor had a complete rebuild, and he sold the shocks,nerfs,handlebars. to pay off of his car or something. the motor has more racing parts than i know, the dealer also menitioned 2 or 3000 in engine work i think. i did not choose to have it run on rac egas but it is required for the engine i have. and i do not care if people have a bigger quad i just use my blaster for stunts off of jumps, bicycle,wheelies and other stuff.

and for your bumper iron cross are kinda cool looking but its ur money just my opinion
The only thing i'm not sure about with the iron cross is how it would look with my fenders being uncut. I've seen a warrior with an iron cross bumper, but it had the front fenders cut down pretty good so the bumper flowed nicely with it. I really like the way my alba bumper looked, but the things are just so darn weak that they just don't last very long for me.
I agree on the suspension... i swear my blasty has fixed front a-arms. Once i get it running right, including the new rear brake cable... and throw a set of nerf bars on, the first mod will be new front shocks that actually work like they are supposed to.
Go with whatever you want. I can't make any better suggestions. I checked eBay for cool new looks and didn't see anything. The BlingStar should certainly set you apart :)