Multimeter conversion question.



I have a multimeter that has ohms setting for 20 2 and 2000, but in the book the settings i need to test it on are 1 and 1000. Am i going to need to get a new multimeter or is there some conversion i can use (divide by 2)?
No yours should do the trick. Im pretty sure that IF your meter will Read 2, and 2000 Im pretty sure you can use thoes setting. Dont forget to cross the probes before mesuring b/c that zero's out the pervious settings. Ill check my manual when I get a chance and let you know.
(i have no idea how the multimeter wors so bear with me) my question is; if the manual says that the ohms should be say 1.12 (total guess, i dont have the manual with me im at work) and it says to use the 1000 settings, wouldnt using the 2000 setting change the number that shows up on the screen to say 1/2 of that? or 2x the 1.12. I know that my meter will work, its just a matter of the conversion to get the same answer as the manual says.
No, I think if your looking for a measure that is hopefully 1.12 ohms then you should use the 2 setting (which means it will only read in a range from 0.00 up too 2.00 ohms)

I belive.... I could be wrong

Do the following test.
1. Put your tester in the 2 setting if when zeroed the #'s read 0.00, or close then your probablly in the right setting for reading something that has a resistance of 1.12 ohms.
2. then test something that you know has a higher ohms ratting than 2 (in your 2 setting)
3. If the only reading that will come back is 2.00 your good to go