How To Clean Your Carbureutor


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Mar 26, 2007
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I did a short how-to on cleaning your carb. I hope this helps people that are uncomfortable with doing it themselves. It is really very simple. Once you do it you wont ever forget how. This stock carb is off of a 2002 blaster, but all of them are the same. I am going to assume that you know how to remove to carb from the quad. It is simply 2 screws, the fuel line, and unscrewing the top of the carb that which should be fairly obvious and simple.

I would like to say in advance that I am not responsible for anything that you mess up. Some people may have there own opinions on how to clean there carb but this is how I do mine. If you would like to add in more tips feel free.

Here are the tools you will need
1. Carb cleaner
2. Clean rag
3. Medium sized philips and standard screwdrivers
4. Small or medium sized adjustable wrench

1.First Get your tools together.

2.Remove the pilot jet (idle jet) and spray with carb cleaner. (remember how many turns it is out from being all the way in if you dont know how to adjust it.)

3.Heres what it looks like, There is a small spring that sits on the end of it. Dont lose it and make sure to reinstall it.

4.Remove the 4 screws on the bottom of the carb that hold on the float bowl (be careful these have been known to strip very easily)

5.This is what you should see. The brass nut in the center is your main jet. (usually this will get gummed up or clogged, spray this whole area with carb cleaner but try to avoid the gasket)

6.Remove the main jet and plastic shroud and spray them (the jets are usually brass so be careful)

7.Here is the main jet (has a number stamped on it which is the main jet size. The bigger the number the bigger the hole to allow more fuel flow)

8.Here is the inside of the top of the carb. Make sure you spray out the inside of the needle jet real good as well as were the carb slide rubs.

9.Here is the slide, the notch in the slide needs to line up with the pin in the picture above for proper installation.

10.Spray out the overflow tube with carb cleaner
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11. Dont forget this one too.

12. For cleaning your choke pull this little rubber peice back

13.Use your adjustable wrench to unscrew the nut holding the choke in

14. Pull out the choke and spray it with carb cleaner

Heres my HUGE 24" wrench. It was cheaper at harbor freight than buying axle wrenches from rmatv.
Thats my blaster axle laying next to it. (just a random extra)

Follow the instructions backwords for reinstalling your carb. Be careful of the needle, they have been known to bend. Hope this helps. Any questions feel free to ask.
nice write up. i may tear mine down in the couple of weeks to check everything out.
Thanks guys.

LOL, my dad said I was nuts when I brought that wrench home. He was like "when the hell are you gunna use that". I simply replied "when sh*t wont come loose".
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Sparky We will see how your How to do it is because I believe I gonna do mine tomorrow. Im relying on your tutorial to make sure my blaster still runs when I'm done lol
Got bored today after I got home from work and worked up enough courage to try cleaning the carb. It came apart ok except I wasnt sure How to get the slide off. So I left in place and wiped it done. Carb went back together fairly easy. Left the garage for a minute and came back to find a puddle of gasoline under the bike and and it was a fairly good amount coming from the overflow on the bowl. So I tore it back down again, everything looked the way it should so I put it back together and it hasnt leaked. It started up fine and I ran it around the yard without issues. I assuming the float possibly stuck ( is this possible) I figured if there was something wron it wouldnt run. Whats your thoughts. Is it possible to have the bowl to tight? So far so good.
It was probably the gas that came out of the carb when you unplugged it from the tank or when you took the float bowl off. Unless you accually saw it comming out of the overflow.

As for the slide, you just take the brass screw and brace off the side that holds the top from comming unscrewed. Then unscrew the top and the slide should come right out the top.
JL I saw it coming from the overflow tube. But after i tore it down and reassembled it it stopped.
Ok, so I was going to take off my carb, and when i was going i took off the two rings to keep on the iar and the other one. And how in the hell do you get off the top thing that looks like a beer top. that thing is stuck fast.??
Ok, so I was going to take off my carb, and when i was going i took off the two rings to keep on the iar and the other one. And how in the hell do you get off the top thing that looks like a beer top. that thing is stuck fast.??

There is a brass clamp on it then it just unscrews. You can see it best in the picture. Take the brass clamp off then unscrew the top. Lefty loosy righty tighty.