I have spark, but blaster wont start


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Mar 21, 2024
Hi guys, hope this is all still active, as I have learned a plethora from you all.

I recently bought a 96 Blaster that needed some work. Motor still had/has compression, clutch in good shape, appears to shift with no problems, and nothing major that I could see. I got a new carb, reeds, eliminated the TORS, modified the wiring, new CDI, coil, and regulator. Cleaned everything up, changed the oil, but it still wont start - wont even act like it wants to. I have checked all the wiring, and its good, and i also have spark. I have even tried ether (i know that's a no no), but i got nothing. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
If you know you are getting fuel, I might pull the flywheel and check for a sheared flywheel key and the flywheel indexed improperly giving you incorrect ignition timing.
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Thanks Red,

I actually got it figured out from reading other posts. After we brought the bike home my 14 year old power washed it to clean it up a little and water got thru the air box. I pulled the plug and got pushed around the block a few times in gear until all the moisture was out. Put the plug back in, and she fired right up. Still need to adjust the carb, and a few other items, but man i was excited!! my neighbors not so much, especially when i hit powerband haha
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