blaster wont start

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    Compression, spark, and fuel but wont run after rebuild!

    Let me start by saying i am new to 2 strokes. I have worked on some 4 strokes in the past but this is my first 2 stoke. I bought a 2003 blaster that needed the crank rebuilt. I replaced the crank and the bearings and seals. Put on a new cylinder and new piston and rings. New reeds as well. I...
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    I have spark, but blaster wont start

    Hi guys, hope this is all still active, as I have learned a plethora from you all. I recently bought a 96 Blaster that needed some work. Motor still had/has compression, clutch in good shape, appears to shift with no problems, and nothing major that I could see. I got a new carb, reeds...