How tall are you?



Well if you're riding blasters, I dunno just wondering how tall everyone is to see where I size up and if I really need to hop up to a YFZ 450.

if your comfortable on the blaster dont worry bout hight/weight (too much, unless your heavy. even then if your heavy and your going to upgrade your shocks it doesnt matter b/c they build the shocks for your weight and machine.
im 6'1" and i feel kind of cramped on a stock blaster, my buddy has one with the maier race front, wider bars, and it sits lower i feel a little more comfortable on that
ALright then, well I'm 6 foot even so I'm alright DANG 6'3". What kind of bars?
i am 6-2. I thought about getting a larger bike but blasters are so simple and lite. I actually like not having electric start and no reverse, less things to go wrong on the trail. I saw a guy trying to push start his raptor cause his battery went dead last weekend, and that made me like my kick starter even more.
6'1 250lbs...i like how i can throw it around while riding
im 5'10" and weigh 150, im very comfortable on my Blaster, idk...i think my blaster is more comfortable then my banshee....i like being close to the fenders of my bike