here is a tough one


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Jul 28, 2007
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my blaster had a gasket leek at the bottom of the jug . And idled so high that I pulled the plug cap off and it was so hot it staded running for about 30 secs. I changed the head gasket & bottom gasket . now it won't start . it does have a weak spark but will not fire up ! any ideas ?
oh man lol..... Mine did the Idle burns off built up fuel that didnt all get burnt while running, so you might need to jet...or burn diff mix (unless you using injection) uhm... Get a new plug...check your carb, clean it if necesary (id probably do that anyway...), gap the plug corectly...turn your idling all the way down and back out a turn and a half i think it is, and turn your air fuel mixture all way in, and 1 1/4 turns out or more...just dont tighten it in tight or you will hurt the seating...and dont turn it out more than 3...your just gunna kinda have to play around until you get everything set, also, DO A COMPRESSION CHECK B4 YOU DO ALL OF THIS
You need to torque it down... evenly and at certain poundage... I think the cylinder is like 18lb, and the head is 20lb.

Someone correct me if I am wrong... I dont have the info right in front of me.
Did you make sure the rings are sitting in the grooves correctly and are lined up correctly.
what kind of tourqe wrench do you use on the four nuts on the bottom of the jug? i can only get a opened end wrench in there.
for the jug nuts, you need a crows foot open end wrench that goes on your torque wrench
ok that's a good idea i just tightned the bottom ones by hand with wrench and torqued the head nts