headlight or no headlight????


Mar 26, 2007
i'm thinking about getting maier front race fenders for my blaster
but the problem is... i would have to remove the headlight, i do not want to custom mount it. also i think those aftermarket headlights are pricey and they look weird. i don't ride in the dark that much except winter

so i would like your opinions give me some pros/cons
All I can say is night is where most fatal accidents happen, But it sure is nice to have a light to ride at night. You could always buy the old style light and leave it off unless your going riding at night. It only takes a couple minutes to put on and take off.
we do ALOT of night riding & a light is a must on a 4 wheeler . not only for night ridding but for example you out ridding and have trouble late in the afternoon . more than likelly you will need the light to get back to camp , or truck .