After Market Delete Harness vs Factory Harness Modifcation


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Jun 28, 2022
Hoping to get some opinions from you all much more experienced in the blaster.
I am bringing back a YSR blaster swap project and and doing a bit of planning before orders and need some help with wiring.
I have no wiring harness now so I would like some help on how to best approach things considering cleanliness of install and cost.

I would like to have the least amount of splicing and utilizing as many factory plugs I can and I plan to float the ground on my stator to run a battery to better help with my lighting and run the add on turn signals harness.

I have seen many aftermarket harnesses (from which I have learned of TORS which I of course do not want) that offer deletes of components such as TORS, Oil Tank, Keys, Brake Light.

Unfortunately, I only want the TORs wiring removed and keep everything else but the deletion harnesses I have seen do not offer this, just TORs removal along with Oil and Keys. I don’t want to pay for a full custom harness and am plenty handy electrically, I just am not knowledgeable on how complicated this blaster harness is not having one in hand, only able to see printed diagrams.

· I am wondering which would be the cleanest. Order a full function factory style harness and unwrap, find and remove TORs systems from that harness, or order the delete harness and splice in a key and forget about the oil indicator (riding street so pre mix is a pain so I would like to keep the pump option)?

Note: I have yet to identify the year of my motor. It has a clipped 4 wire stator, so guessing 88-02, but am not sure if its possible to have had a PO put an older stator is, nor do I know what other wiring differences I may need to worry about in ordering either harness (I.e., is there a better year harness to start with and can I just get the newer version stator and put it on my motor whichever year it actually is?)

Thank you,