Damn Reeds...



I need to pay for these reeds, but im not sure if theyre the correct ones i want. Should i get super stock, power, V-Force?? What the hells the difference between all these besides a couple bucks. And from where? Help, I want to go faster.
The difference generally in aftermarket reeds are that they are Carbon Fiber, which allows them to be stiffer and less likely to chip but also being stiffer alows them to open/close faster than stock. Improves throttle response. Not much difference power wise, unless adding other mods with it i.e. Pipe, Reeds, airfilter(pretty standard) But a must for serious motor builders who want to get the most out of there motor.

And for Brand, I'd go for the V Force as I heard everywhere that there the best out there. But unless your buying the other mentioned mods dont waste your time and go with a more affordable version such as the Boyseen Power Reeds.

And generally you can get most things cheaper on Ebay, be it New or used. As for any internet sites I wouldnt be able to recommend any as I have strictly bought off of Ebay.

Hope this helps.
I would say the V-forces man i know a bunch of people that run them on there blasters an says it's well worth the pay.
Hey I appreciate it guys! just payed for them. Now do i want to keep my stock reed cage, or is it worth uppgrading that?
Azer440 i see in your pics your blaster is missing the hood? or you took it off well anyways i got a black hood an 2 black front fenders for sale all in good shape, not cracked or broken an fenders are not shaved. Thought i would run it by you.
YES!!! I need the hood desperately. Is it just the squared off nose piece, or is it the longer more pointy one, Either way i want it!!
Make an offer, what's it worth to ya? if your seriously interested i can get pics tonight even though it's almost 1AM, Lol
Ya some pics would be great man. let me pay for all my ebay crap and see what im workin with for cash, and ill shoot you an offer.