Damn Exhause flange......



Just got a DG pipe, and it didnt have the flange where it bolts up to the cylinder. Even if i buy one, how would i get it on. Anyone ever run into this, or know what to do?
i think the flange bolts on the engine with a piece the pertrudes outward that the pipe slides onto and the then 2 springs hold it on, like i said I THINK, dont quote me

Yes, this is correct. If the flange is not part of the pipe already this is how it is. As far as I know there are no aftermarket flanges made to fit multiple pipes. you will need to call DG and order one from them or if its new you can call the company where you purchased it and tell them you did not recive that flange.
yeah i could see how that work. Just thought it would be like the stock setup. But whats ever that easy right? There are those little eye holes on the pipe for the springs, but would they really hold it on tight eneough, just aome little springs. Thanks for the info guys., im calling DG tomorrow.
those springs are small but pack a punch so to speak, there pretty hight tension, best thing to do is cross them if you kan, my friends YZ125 is like that and the pipe fits TIGHT on those flanges, leaks arent that kommon
Heres a pic of my blaster flange/spring set up. its a fmf fatty. i just fixed it the guy before me had jimmy rigged on there with a bent ass screw. I used the spring from the rear brake that i no longer needed. the flange is bolted on with new bolts i got from yamaha. it is nice and tight and does not leak.


hey thanks bro, those pics make it look pretty easy now.. just need to find that piece, hope DG have it. im sure they wont though. where did you get yours, fmf? seriously thanks for that post, helps.