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blaster not so master

Will a banchee's rear brakes or any other's mount right up to a blaster. I own a 2000 blaster. If so what years of the banchee brakes could I buy. Im talking about the caliper and lines. The brakes are shot. I don't want to buy a hydralic set cause I don't want to spend 200 bucks. Any info would be great. Thanks
Banshee brakes will only work if you use the banshee carrier, axle, and brake disc hub. Also you will need a banshee master cylinder, reservoir and brake hoses. You will still have to fabricate a master cylinder and reservoir bracket. The kit would probably be cheaper. The only reason i went with a banshee axle hub and disc brake conversion was because I needed the rear end wider. If you like you blaster stock buy the kit. If you plan on widening and extending use the banshee set up. Here is a link to a picture of my rear banshee set up on my blaster.

Banshee axle and carrier in my Blaster - Yamaha Blaster Forum
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