bad without silencer?


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Aug 14, 2007
is it bad to ride your blaster without a silencer? My bike clamp wont make my exhaust stay on tight with the fatty pipe and its pissin me off. I think im going to custom make a silencer becuase its not working out

any ideas
it will be so f*cking loud but otherwise i dont see y not. drag pipes dont have silencers
you think it would be bad for the motor at all?

like blow it up and i have to rebuild a lot or what? Cause my exhaust wont stay on and its really annoying so i might just make a custom exhaust at school
it wont blow up, but sh*t could get in to the exhaust easier, liek water, but drag pipes dont have silencers, u will probably have to rejet tho
you will need to rejet of course, richen the jet a big diffference becuz it will have alot of back pressure
DON'T run without a silencer the back pressure is very important on a two stroke engine. Not enough back pressure will burn out your rings and then your in for some serious fun. Drag pipes are built to run without silencers and the bends provide back pressure. We use to run a IHRA drag bike and the motor was rebuilt after every race, wasn't a two stroke but the motors are like legos you just tear'em apart and rebuild. I'd just go buy a new clamp or pick up a new setup/ mod yours so it fits.
well the fatty has alot to do with most of the back pressure but it would be safe to run it with a silencer
I agree with'll burn up your motor running without the silencer. It's a LOT less backpressure and runs for too lean. I've experienced it before...sounds like a ragin blast of wrath but the engine gets real hot.
If you re jet it so its not running lean its not going to burn out your engine much quicker. Drag pipes don't create all that much back pressure, and its created by the bends of the pipe. A regular pipe has more bends and also is made to create most of the back pressure anyway. And if you havn't noticed, most after market silencers are just a straight pipe with a little packing on the side. Ive run blasters without silences and it didn't seem to hurt it a bit.