axle removal


New Member
Oct 4, 2007
I have a 2000 blaster and i have a benrt axle and i cant seem to get the axle out of the carrier. what is the best way to get this out please respond ASAP
torch it to pieces, then remove whats left, by advising this i assume your going to get another one rather than get this one straightened, also you kould kut it by other means, i.e. a reciprocating saw
Remove the wheels and hubs.. loosen the chain and both of the larger axle lock nuts. Remove the sprocktet hub and remove the rear brake caliper.. Now comes the fun part :-D Get your self a piece of wood and a mallet or hammer..and put the wood against the chain side end of the axle and wack the hell out of it untill it comes may take a little..and some intense pounding to get it out..but dont give will budge! Good luck!