Banshee axle


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Sep 28, 2023
Hey y’all, I’ve been creeping on the site the past month and I gotta say almost every last thing I had questions about were answered in previous posts.
I recently bought another blaster about a month and fell back in love. As soon as I got it I decided to go ahead and deck it out all at once.
It already had a banshee rear axle. I bought a long arms kit (+4) and after installing it last night I noticed that one side of the front tire was sticking out fur than the back tire and one side was lined up. Put a tape in it and clearly one side of my axle is shorter than the other from hub to center of carrier. Is this normal when going to the banshee axle or did the previous owner do something wrong? I measure the a arms to make sure they sent me mating items and they were the same length.