Any one install the G&S Rear Brake System?


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Aug 14, 2007
Riverside, Ca
I have been looking for a brake system that a wham bam install. I have read the posts on the 04 installs, I will do that for the fronts, but the rear should be easier, I have read on Flea Bay that the G&S system isnt that hard to install, is this true??
Yea its not too hard. This GTS is the same as many blaster rear hydrolic kits on the market.

typically a company will buy the enginetics master cylender and thier rear calipers, fab up some mounting brackets and put their name on them.

One thing about the install is that you will have to grind off the stock rear break line holder that is on the frame. I didnt know this b/f powdercoating so it was painfull for me b/c I just paid all that money for the powder.