Another homemade swingarm

I expect this to be my last Blaster swingarm ... hope it works :) ... it was fun ... time to touch up the front suspension & move along.



Guess I could call it a modded Blaster swingarm cuz I used the pivot tubes and some of the front cross member ... :) ... I just paint stuff cuz it always gets torn up and it's easy to touch up after repairs ... Most of what I did is in this thread.
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Sweet YZOTIS, what are you using for a carrier?
My Raptor had the eccentric aluminum carrier and I liked it.
Do have a suggested list of carriers we could use? (I assume Raptor 660 would be one)

Was afraid someone would ask that ... LOL ... I'm using mostly Predator/Outlaw suspension parts ... a few reasons ... 1st it's a budget build ... the bikes have a low resale value so there's lotsa parts for cheap, the parts seem to be of good quality and I have a Predator so I can measure & ponder before I shop eBay ... The rear axle assembly is pretty stout and wider than the Blaster. Never had a problem drilling another set of holes in aluminum wheels :) ... Here's some of the junk I got from eBay ... the YFZ shocks are on the guest blaster ... I got the Fox podiums for the same price as the YFZ's ... the front stuff is Outlaw


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Sweet swinger! Are you getting out of blasters? °-·

Naw, gotta keep the purple Blaster around for the grand daughter. Blasters are great little trail runners and also a good training step up from our LT80's ... I'll have'm around as long as we have places to ride.
thats one of the sweetest rear set-ups ever, diy or commercially available, awesome work otis !!!!!
gotta luv the dual calipers, and the phragle-ometry decal !!!

max reps for sharing this all...burp !
Thanks Awk ... That damn Phragle & Blastersarus infected me with the suspension bug :) ... I don't use rear brakes a lot but I like them to be reliable & precise when needed ... I've owned a Scrambler for years where the hand brake brakes all wheels & the foot brake brakes the rears ... didn't think it was a good idea when I got it but soon realized I really liked it ... be interesting to see how it all works out ... the front suspension should be a lot more interesting than the rear but that'll be another thread ... burp