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  • haha didint think so but i had to ask! by the way how do you deal with the vibration since its a dirtbike engine?
    got any rear tires for a blaster? im running bald plugged stock ones right now, its time to upgrade lol
    The 200EXC has the widest gear ratio of any of KTM bikes. It is a wonderful motor capable of as much in stock form as a wildly modified Blaster. The gearing is still narrower than the Blaster's gears, but the extra torque will make up for it. I will suggest that the better gearing (and extra gear) of the KTM 200 EXC would make it a better choice for a Blaster swap than a 250 or 300.
    What the exc gear ratios like on your blaster 125 hybrid? because theres a guy with a 200 exc that will swap for a blaster. Is it worth it or should i stick with the sx because i wanna put the engine for it in a quad for mx and grasstrack racing.
    Wow, just discovered this...
    I didn't vote,
    I call you all the time, BUY!
    no, I am keeping all the DT200s I can find, :)
    that is a boost port, read my threads,
    My 300 is a 2003, although I do have a couple 90s as well, ask away!
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