2001 blaster project 240cc


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Apr 8, 2007
i have an 01
with fmf turbinecore 2
fatty pipe
no toil air filter
i think the previous owner jetted it but it was stock.....so i have to do that again

itp rims and holeshot tires

What other upgrades should i consider

I want to purchase the vitos 240cc kit, do i need a bigger carb as well?

Thanks for ur help
i've heard that the vitos is crap and would have to agree because i tied in a race against a vitos 240 blaster with my blaster(just piped jetted airfilter) and we switched riders
yea i would do the f7 but i would have to send my head to be worked on......its not a full kit

i live in new york
Get it ported and milled, thats your best bang for the buck mod.

Port job: $200ish
Head milled: $40ish

A Properly MX ported blaster can be just as good, if not better than a 240 kit. The best part is it retains the stock (or up to .80) piston size so you can rebuild and find new pistons easily.

http://cpcustoms.com/ <--- these guys will hook you up! Excellent work. Just check out some of the blaster videos smoking banshees. yeah, I said banshees
Alright im kinda of confused......with the port and polish job....i send my motor to cpcustoms, and they port and polish it and then i need to buy a new piston???

They also have a 240cc and 265cc big bore kit, should i consider that as well?

Also i want to do some other upgrades......

banshee front shocks, 400ex rear shock, durablue spacers, and i want to put all new body parts on it

Any suggestions?
What you do is ship them just your jug (and head if you want that milled). They will PnP it and send it back with a fresh hone/bore (if its needed, almost always is). Then, per your request they can send you a new piston kit (unless you want to use your old piston, not suggested)

As far as the big bore goes, I can only speak for their port work, I do not know the quality of the big bore. Be aware however, ontop of the increased size, a big bore will allready have a mild port done to it, so you definitely will see more power.
RB racing in michigan. Heres a list of there prices and they do unbelieveable work!

BASIC CLEANUP PORT $50 per cylinder
This porting will clean up all casting flaws and include porting of the intake and exhaust ports. This porting is an economical way to get good results for any type of riding.

MX/TRAIL PORT ($125 singles, $175 banshee's)
This porting will get you more than a seat of the pants power increase. Port heights, widths for all ports are modified and transfer inlet angles are all properly set for excellent low end and midrange power.

AGRESSIVE/DUNE PORT ($125 singles, $175 banshee's)
This porting will get you the absolute maximum power increase while still maintaining complete reliability and only a slight upward shift in the powerband. This is the most popular and best value porting we have. Complete alteration of all porting heights, widths, tranfer inlet and outlet angles are set-up using computer design software. Suggested for motors with pipes, reed mods and head work. Dollar for dollar you won't find a better port.

DRAG/FULL PORT ($200 singles, $325 banshee's)
Port widths and heights are maximized for peak power performance. Most cylinders will have additional intake ports, and/or boost ports added. Quads will require good pipe, head work, timing advance.

As far as the 265cc bore, i wouldnt do that because the wall of the cyclinder will be a little to thin. This would make the cyclinder not very strong
Plus with bigger displacement your gunna create more heat. I had considered a 240 kit but i think im just gunna keep it a 200 with a +3mm stroker crank and good PnP job. That should make it run as good as a blaster needs to run
yea....i wouldnt want anything more than a 240

whats wrong with the vitos anyways...is it just that they dont have maximum power?

I mean its the cheapest kit and i would have to send my motor out to have it done
Im pretty sure the 240 kit isnt just a bore, you have to have the head milled out and sleeved. So the wall wont be thin at all, it has a new sleeve made for a piston of that size. However i could understand it overheating.