Thoughts on a vitos 240 kit for my trail bike

Jan 15, 2019
So my current mods are

+4 swing arm
ASR a arms
250R rear shock
YFZ 450 Worx tipple rate front shocks
Banshee Rear Axle
Vforce v3 reeds
Project blaster Air filter box with Uni Filter, open top
30mm OKO Carb (not sure what jetting)
FMF Fatty, Power Core 2

The bike runs good without issue currently the motor has about 10 hours on it since the last rebuild

That being said I've been considering buying a 240 Vito's kit and getting a forged piston and having it ported to match the FMF exhaust. I don't really want to have to replace the carb, reeds pipe etc since there's nothing wrong with them, and they were not cheap. there's not likely any chance of me recouping my expense I paid on those.

My question is am i going to need a bigger carburetor with a ported Vitos kit than the 30mm oko or can i make this carb work with the kit?

Next question is would i be better off to just get my 200cc head ported and ignore the vitos kit?

I was looking at the cost of getting the LA sleeve kit and it just seems to expensive 1200-1300 for what I'd be getting. I guess at one point these were more close to the Vito's kit price..
So I will say this when started my Blaster build I had everyone tell me go with a big bore gotta get the big bore, so I bought it but when I talked with KOR to build the motor he told me with the stock crank you would of been better off with the stock piston. I run it in trails I'm 300lbs and it hauls me up and down hills with ease I've got a trinity pipe and a stock carb rejetted and it runs like a champ I do have plans on a stroker crank to take full advantage of the big bore piston but for now it's a ripper if the head isn't rechambered I would get that done and see what it's like after that's cheap easy power that can be done in an afternoon providing you have an extra head lying around