Upgrades and recommendations


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Sep 14, 2022
Hello everyone, I’m in the process of building my 1988 Yamaha Blaster and I just want to make sure I’m not going to fry the motor or anything horrible thing with the upgrades I’m about to install.

So my blaster has a fmf gold fatty pipe and I’m going to be putting on the fmf power core 2 muffler on It. It has an upgraded air filter with no lid. I’m going to be putting in Vforce 4 reed system in It. I have the TORS delete system installed. I have a Moose Racing carburetor with the extra air screw taped in. I’m premixing 32:1 with yamalube. My spark plug is a ngk BR8ES. I’m 669’ above sea level. My rear tires are 20x11-8, I also have the tusk adjustable axle in the back widen to its full width. I have regular Yamaha oil 10-30 in it.(But I feel like I should change the oil to a different brand after reading some things on here, but idk what to switch to?) I’ve done some research and I believe the jets I’m going to try are a 270 or a 280 main jet and whatever one It runs better with I’d leave in.

So I guess all in all I’m curious on what everyone uses as regular oil, if I’m going to blow my bike up, and do we think those are good jets to try. I appreciate all the help!
Get more than 2 jets . 270,280,290,300,310..start with 300(im not sure about your carb since it s after market.. if you dont want to fry it then start rich..they always run the best rt befor frying when leaned out.your trans oil should be fine . I run rotella t4. Any quality oil that is approved for wet clutches should be fine. Many people run many oils. However. Dont run cheap 2stroke oil. I run klotz because it smells good. Lol(its a good oil)