Jetting and horsepower


Jan 3, 2024
I have a 2006 Yamaha blaster and was wondering about some jetting specs and info for my set up. Also feel free to post your set up. :)

Mods list:
- fmf gold fatty and powercore 2 (standard)
- removed air box lid with stock style filter
- oil injection delete. 32:1 pre mix
- stock carb

- 1,250 ft elevation
- 70 degrees Fahrenheit

I’m also wondering about what horsepower this setup might make. I was hoping for around 24-25 hp but I think this might be a little optimistic. If it won’t make that much hp then what would I need to make it happen? Thanks again. :)
With your current mods your closer to around 20hp stock hp is 17. I had a stock bore cylinder that was ported for my full toomey b1 pipe and silencer Vito's 3mil crank rechambered head to raise the compression to run 110 race gas Keihin pwk 28mm carb lid off the air box with those mods I was just about double the stock hp.
Also join the Facebook group called Yamaha YFS200 Blaster it's the only group that is legit without any scammers great group a lot of great people and a bunch of the group members are either engine builders sell great parts a few are always producing new aftermarket parts for the blaster such as front and rear hydraulic brake conversion kits, programmable stator cdi and coil set up as well as a new big bore right bend pipe was designed and made.