WTB rear tires

I got some holeshot 20x9's (i think they're 9's) with 75% tread, two plugs, will sell dirt cheap.
lol I have some OEM tires from 1999 with 4% tread on them -- and lots of plugs. The only problem is that I am not done with them yet :)
i have an old set of turf tammers that arnt the worst shape.......but there on the stock rims
i'lll get pics tommarrow and if u like em we'll talk....i just kept them for a spare
heres the pics of the knobies......there is dent/spot where tyhe rim is messed up but its a 1/2 inch long not a big deal...but its up to u...if u like them let me know there 18-11-8


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oh its no problem.....depends if he wants them.....im assuming they'll be $20 for shipping alone
yeah they'll work because their inerchangeable like maxitout said
I talked to him and he said hes not looking into tires right this second due to all the other expenses of the rebuild. He will need tires though. Do you have a shipped price in mind to 48183?
hey hawkeye...can u handle with +6 swingarm in the trail riding??
i dont know what shipping will be....not sure where to go for that......skull-dog....yeah my +6 swinger is fine in the woods.....but u will need something other then a stock shock for sure.....its completly different riding with 6 more inches trust me
he's got first dibs on them.....but idk....if he doesnt want them we can figure something out...