WTB: Grab Bar



I need a STOCK steel grab bar for my 2000 Blaster. If anybody has one they'd like to part with send a message my way. Thanks!
If you plan on doing a lot of wheelies I would go to a local metal shop and have them make you a more durable one. Might want to hae them weld supports for the subframe too.
i have a stock one....but not teh greatest....go to rebelriders.com....i got one for $50.....havent bent it yet
Yeah I was gonna say...

Reason for going back to stock is because of how cheap they are and they're made of steel instead of aluminum. I would weld one together myself but I don't have a welder nor can I justify paying someone else to make one for twice what I can get a stocker for. I figure I'm going to break it anyway, why not get a cheapy.

I would like to reinforce the frame some too, but again the "Blaster fund" is empty for now. In a couple weeks I'll be ready to start shelling out some cash for it.
welll sorry about that link but the name of the company is rebel riders....but that grab bar is awesome