Where Do You Ride?


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Apr 1, 2007
Post the places you ride!
I ride in the woods (some trails) and in fields.
There's a rock quarry I can get to also. There used to be a 40 foot deep half-pipe in there, until they filled it in. Now we just ride all over the place. But yes, it's fun! I also ride on a gravel road which has access to these places. Plenty to do, but everyone gets bored.
I wish I had taken pics/vids when the half pipe was there.
Post your places and/or videos/pictures!
I ride woods, trails, tracks, fields, wide open clay pits, dunes, snow, mud(pretty much everything)
i ride on my circuit in my back yard, a private trail where i have permission to ride on.

i used to ride on a trail near a field until a farmer shot at me becasue he thought i was someone else, and he kicked me off anyway :roll:
Only problem here is that some guy who doesn't own the property cuts down trees to block the paths. :lol: old sh*ts.

We just go around the trees... or over them. Then move em later.
some guy did that to where i ride, i knew who it was so i draged the log with our bobcat to his driveway to see how he likes it (he was pissed)
lol nice
I'm going to post some video later of places we ride.
I just rode on my brother's 400EX because mine's in the shop...
i ride around my place...sometimes head south a litte ways and hit up the 700 acres at attica....and once or twice a year i take a trip north to silver lake
yeah that dosent sound like to bad of an idea....i usually go in october...but not sure about early cuz im in a wedding in less then a month....so not sure when im gonna be able to make it up there...where exactly r u from?
Im about 30 miles south of detroit in brownstown. Me and 2 of my cousins as well as there dad all ride. We hope to hit the dunes this summer quite a bit.
Im about 30 miles south of detroit in brownstown. Me and 2 of my cousins as well as there dad all ride. We hope to hit the dunes this summer quite a bit.

yeah...hopefully i can make it up there and we can ride together....it'd be a blast
i ride on sand all the time its the only place i have to ride i've got 2 beaches to ride from but i ride at the biggest local beach stockton dunes newcastle,new south wales australia which theres suppose to be no other beach like it hills every where,fresh water basins,steep hills for hill climbs massive straights for drags, heaps of car parks.........cheers
there a sand plantin.... one mile from me its great in there
Every year we take our wheelers up to chitna. Its 200 miles,6 hours, and a breakdown away but its always worth it.(The reason I say breakdown is because every year weve gone we've broken down, it's never been so bad we had to go back except for last year, it sucked.) Sparky if your ever up hear go to chitna its a blast.
i go to some mx tracks don't remeber names because it was too much fun, i also have a MX/flat track in my backyard. its like first flat then mx altogether. lol i'm not spoiled or anything my parents just work for a living and i work too just like my whole family works.
I do a lot of driving, closest riding area is 35 miles away for rocky trails, but I'm much more inclined to make the trek to either Moses Lake Sand Dunes, or the Oregon Coast. 200-300 mile drives depending on where I'm going.