What your thoughts on this.


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May 11, 2007
Ok well tomorrow i'm buying a z400 or a fully modded 300EX i honestly don't care which is faster that's not what i'm buying it for, I'm buying it because i set my blaster up for MX an it sits to low to the ground to go through the trails at quadfest an the trails i did get to go down was all slow an i was scarred i would foul a plug back there by myself the shortest trail was 15 miles an i wouldn't be walking that if i fouled one so there for i'm buying one of the 2 for a trail bike. An i'm gettin it so i can play in the mud with an give it hell, no i don't like a 4 stroke but when you have a riding group of 300 or more people you don't want to be the one falling behind because your to low for a trail, plus people will be trying to make it through the mud an over rocks so waiting for alot of people to get through it will load the blaster up.

No this thread is not picking on 2 strokes, i just want to hear some opinions, because every man needs a trail bie an a race bike that's the way i look at it.