What size jet???



Im gonna go buy a main jet from my local shop (even though they're the most unhelpful bastards) instead of buying a jet kit but dont know what size jet to get. The mods that will be on are boyesen power reeds, uni filter, and DG Pipe. Im gonna keep my stock silence for a bout two weeks after that stuff is on. But i just need to know what size to buy. And do i want a main jet, pilot jet, or both, or what??! This whole jet sh*ts pissing me off. This is the one thing i dont get. Thanks guys..
when u jet it u gotta run it through the gears then stop take the plug out and c wat color it is,u want a cardboard color,if its a tannish,white,grey color its 2 lean,i run a 280 main and thats perfect jetting,its a touch black aswel....i would go probable 270,280 with your bike....
alright, should i change it first then? what size is the stock jet and will i need to change it again when i put dg silencer on it ?
stock jet size is 230 i think,280 should b good silencer or just stock with the dg header....
Cool, yeah it was pretty dark colored. so its running rich now then right? once i take the bowl off of the carb will it say what size it is? Got my exhaust today, so just need the power reeds and ill be finally jetting this damn thing.
yeah i definately will order from there, theyre by far the cheapest. thanks man.
So your running rich now, wait till you add your hop up parts then read the plug maybe you'll come out with just the right jettin after the parts.
yeah possibly, i took my carb off and cleaned it, and of course its the stock jet at 230 in it. Pretty sure after exhaust and reeds that it will need to be rejetted though. Does adding performance parts make it run leaner or richer generally speaking.
It will make it run leaner an yes after reeds an a pipe you will deff need to go up, I'm currently running a 250 main jet.
i went to power sports pro yesterday, and some d-bag tech guy said he thinks it should be 290 main, with a 35 pilot jet. with the same mods as above.
yea man im in the same situation as u.. i bought my wuad used for 150 bucks and redid sum things put on boyeson reeds and it had a full dg pipe but he never rejetted so i was wondering what i should do cuz its running rich so should i go up on the main and do sumthing with the pilot also?
must not be stock jets in it now, its kinda odd that it would STILL be rich with the aftermarket parts on it with stock jets. Before you start messin with jetting issues, i would first go to the Do It Yourself section of the forum and look at the 'Cleaning you Carb' thread. Follow those directions to clean your carb out real good, check the jet thats in there now, see what size that is. Stock is 230, it will say on it once you pull the bottom bowl off the carb. then after that you might want to read your spark plug to see what that tells you. theres also a thread on the forum about reading your plugs. Hope that helps a little, i should be jetting mine within the week, ill let you know what ive found. later.
yea man idk its deff the stock jets he never touched it i cleaned it once with carb cleaner but i never messed with the choke part or even took the pilot screw out so i should check that and maybe clean it agen...