Severe Bogging - What am I missing???


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Feb 28, 2023
Setup: 1989 Blaster; everything stock (230 main jet, stock pipe, no performance mods that I’m aware of). When I bought the bike the electrical was a mess, so I stripped everything back to the most essential elements, including removal of the TORS system.

Problem: The bike starts on first or second kick every time, and idles fine, but it boggs terribly at mid and high revs. Absolutely no power at all in the min/high range. The exhaust smells like gas at full throttle, so this seems like either an ‘extreme’ rich condition, or a lack of sufficient spark.

What I’ve checked/replaced/repaired:

  • New spark plug
  • Complete Carb rebuild (only thing I didn’t replace was the pilot jet)
  • Tried moving the needle clip to the top position to lean it out; this had no effect
  • Float level checked – right in the middle of spec
  • Tank/petcock checked for flow – flow was fast
  • Checked reeds - not cracked, and seem to seal well
  • New reed gasket, with a bit of RTV for good measure
  • New coil (more on this below)
  • Checked stator resistance – seems fine


  • Since I’ve stripped out all the non-essential electricals, I’m assuming this can’t be a ‘wiring issue’, but I could be wrong. A 1989 shouldn’t have any parking brake circuit to worry about, and all wiring associated with the TORS system has been removed. Am I missing something?
  • I’ve replaced the coil twice now. The first coil tested way off on ohms, so I repaced it with something from Amazon. After seeing that the new coil didn’t improve the problem, I tested the new one, only to find that it also didn’t meet the ohms specs. I bought third coil on Amazon (different model), and that one also doesn’t meet the specs. These things are marketed as replacement coils for a blaster. Am I buying the wrong coils?
  • I’m sure I’ll get a bunch of messages about checking for leaks and/or compression, but I’m failing to see how a leak would lead to an extreme rich condition, or how the bike would start on the first kick if I have a compression issue. If someone has a theory on how a leak or lack of compression would cause the problem I’m experiencing, I’ll chase it down, but I would rather not throw more money at this problem just to check these off the list.