What pipe/silencer do YOU have?



well just post the pipe you have and if you like it or not and any recomendations of which pipe to get i am mostly stuck with 3 pipes , DMC alien, Factory 7, and Toomey. but is LRD good? anybody had 2 different pipes and liked one more than another? please post here
wow jlsparky i wish they had something like that for blasters!!!!!
i had a fmf set up....over priced for the preformance IMO....but i have a shearer inframe now....much better pipe for the price...i paid $270 shipped for it from inlandatv......vs...350ish for a fmf set up?....and im sure they have some dyno results for blasters.....i'll check for that...because that would be really nice
yeh lbwd wht do u have?

and yes i know that is why i did not mention FMF i have a dyno chart but i got it from toomey site and obviusly they are going to put toomey as best.. so i dont really beleive it... but even on that chart FMF proved worse than stock from bottom to mid and only slightly better on top end!
The FMF Fatty pipe with the FMF PowerCore2 muffler.
Sure, it gives you more high end power and maybe a little more overall "power," but it's not as good as I had expected. It just makes it faster and more peppy.
lol, the first pipe i ever wanted was the fmf because the silencer looked awsome and i still think it does... but now i have been reseraching and have seen some charts and they proved that DG and FMF are the worst known aftermarket pipes for the blasters and the best are Factory 7 and LRD

BTW, pro circuit, trinity racing and graydon proline are the same as the F7...
So one lucky dude in here will walk off with a brand new Factory 7 exhaust system, in the color of their choice, free. I am sure we're all crossing our fingers :)
I bought a Toomey Exhaust System for my 03 Blaster and it made a huge difference. It claims to be the best exhaust systems for Blasters and Banshees.
Ive used, FMF, DG, toomey, LRD (adjustable type) and Paul turner. and from my experience the LRD is tops with Paul turner coming a close 2nd.