What is a Boost Bottle



I have seen them online and was wondering what a boost bottle does and should i get one. 2001 blaster
It supposibly gives you better throttle response an more bottom end power, but everyone says there not worth it, you won't be able to feel a gain in power at all it will just be a waste of 30 dollars, They would be more useful on something with dual carbs so it could equalize the pressure.
the following is what trenga says about boost bottles

There are so many rumors and miss-information about this product, we don't know where to start. This product was developed in '93 by us with the help of White Brother's Racing Department. It is used to stop the hesitation that is prevelant on all Keihin 34 PJ Carbs. We use a Aluminum Manifold that needs a hose connector to the carb (which we never really liked). Some people will tell you to drill out the top of the stock manifold and use it. That is even a worse idea considering the stock manifold is made from a plastic composite which is prone to cracking anyway, and more stress just makes it more likely to. The newer PWK carbs have taken the "hesitation" / Venting problems away. So, unless you are using a 34 PJ, don't waste your money or time to try to use it on any other carb. If you need one, we have them.
HAHAH, thanks for all of your great comments. Im glad i asked before i bought one.