What does the lighting coil do (sorry for all of the newbie q's)



I was wondering what the lighting coil does in the stator. I have a weak spark and i am going to reaplce the charge and pulser coil, but i want to know if i should change ligghting coil. if it its not going to help the sprak at all (only pertains to the headlight) im not going to get one.

dont worry about all the "newbie" q's thats what all of us are here for.

yes the lighting coil supplies power for the head/tail lights.

P.S. How are your testing procedures going with your ohm meter?
i haven’t tested them. If they turn out to be fine, ill just sell them online. I want new ones just because. I have bought new cdi, ignition, honed my topend, new piston, carb rebuild kit, new reeds, new air filter, all new oils. is there anything i forgot? Basically the story behind this blaster is i paid my friend 350 dollars for 2001. He got it from this other kid that owed him money and didnt have any place to store it. The kid i got it from didn’t have a clue as to what the problem was (he knew nothing, as did i at that point) so once i got it i started reading the forums and asking many questions. hopefully it starts up when i put it all back together. the initial problem was a weak spark (i think) basically, i dont mind putting 300 or 400 into since its a 2001 and everything is in great condition (no rust or anything).