Whacky Otis mount!

YZ Otis

Sep 24, 2007
Oregon coast
Here's the hot new adjustable alternator mounting bracket for the Blasters 200w sound & light system!

Oooops, I'm in the suspension section...be back when I straighten this out... burp!
Sorry for the delay...uploadin the pic I realized I was showing much more of the secret YZ Blaster build than the public is ready for ..burp... so I reshot some pix tonight with our grape blaster.
Here's a better pic
Ok, it's a lowering bracket for stock shocks...:)

or banshee shocks...LOL...this is the stock mount..

This is lowered a bit.....

Ok, so ya only turn left, ya got a bit of stagger in the rear, and ya wanna psyche out the competition with your revolutionary front geometry...LOL....good for a laugh but mostly embaressing!

Ok, so ya gotta be a trend setter and start a new thing.....Ressies Down dude! Ah..hahahahahaha...

YFZ low

YFZ high

Startin a new thread is almost as much fun as buildin the parts..LOL...Truth is, I made these when I got a set of yfz's to replace the works. Wasn't sure exactly where I wanted to mount'em and I plan to try different a-arm ideas so I wanted some adjustability. Pretty easy with 3 bolts. I see a few peeps wantin to play with other shocks so I thougt I'd throw this out... Of course they're untested and just a visual explanation of an idea .. :) ..a little thought stimulation for the tinkerer.... these won't be available to the " Just go buy the heavy duty chrome model on eBay " crowd so I don't need a buncha metallurgical load distribution theory crap or some evaluation from your FEA software... LOL...I'm just a blaster butcher...Ahahahaha...
cool idea otis. always gotta be butcherin something lol

i still can't wait for vids of the new super secret yz250....
Looks pretty cool if I say so myself.

Thank you......Since building those mounts awhile back I've noticed the 03+ models have a brake line support that would probably interfere with some of the adjustability. Maybe someone could post a picture of that mount with a measurement I can use to locate where it is.
quote=04blasterboy;387848]u ever see my mounts otis? i bet u could do what i did for the yfz's, i'll get u some pics tomoro[/quote]

I think I saw your mod but it goes the other direction than I wanted to go. I needed to move the lower mount in for more travel & a little more leverage (softer ride). I have 2 options to test inside of the stock hole. I've been watchin all the yfz mods. I built this mount to be able to test as many options as possible.
is this your mount?...

Here's my front mount...

Sorry for making a mess of this post but this picture quit working after I made a text edit. It's been happening to me lately :( ...Anyway the picture of my a-arm I tried to post here is in my swingarm thread ... so it hasn't been "moved or deleted" ...
I need a set badly before i buy long arms i cant afford,lol. Let me know if your going to make any more?
Thought about makin some. That's why I asked for some pictures & measurement of the 03+ brake line support to check clearance. Don't really look like there's that much intrest in whacky mounts ...LOL
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There is interest because this bracket will allow use of longer better shocks. I tried the lowering blocks from e-bay and the bottom of the shock interferes with the a-arm , wasted 26 bux. Not fond of spending 79 bux for the ebay conversion because it dont look good at all. I have a 2001 so i dont have no interferance issues if you want to sell a set to me to try. :D
making those shocks vertical is going to make for an awfully stiff ride

the normal stroke is supposed to work at about 20 to 30 degrees off vertical