wat do u guys think


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Jul 5, 2007
do u guys think i should get a speedometer for my blaster or put the 70 dollars into performance
i cant tell if my performance is helpin me or not without the speedometer

wat could i get for 70 bucks
a few things for cheap that you could do would be.
1. flip your front wheels so the front end stance is wider.
2. aftermarket air filter like a k&n or uni.
3. drill holes in your air box lid or run it without one (but if you do this use a prefilter for sure) and dont run it without if your going through mud, water, or a super dusty area.
4. Next step would be a pipe and silencer but the good ones are $350 and up.

bottam line keep saving your $$
i was about to get k&n but i heard about they werent good for real dusty conditions but the conditions i ride are:

in a field a a little dusty,
on a dirt rode more dusty then the field
and somtimes i this long trail there is some creeks to cross but nothind to deep

i dont ride on dunes cause there not any close by and my blaster is stock
K & N is good, Ive heard bad about them too but I feel its prob been instalation realated issues. Ive never had any more problems with k&N than any other air filter.
dude, i dint know about you, but I'd spend more time watching for trees and stuff than how fast i was going, hahaha. And besides, whatever the speedo says, its never fast enough!!!