update on the LT-R



well, I've had it for about three weeks now and still love it. It now has a cherry bomb, bling star pro peg nerfs, air box lid removed, baffle removed, headlight removed and a custom monster warning label block off thingy. Let me know what you think


Looks pretty cool. I like the Suzi 450 and was wondering what you think of it. Have you ever ridden/raced any other 450's.
Hey how much for one of those warning block off thingys for a blaster on the rear fender. Can you get whatever design you want?
Jmoney- pmed you...and i just went to pismo beach last weekend and beat pretty much everything i raced except a few really hopped up 450's. I beat raptor 700's, 660's, predator, yfz's, but also got beat by one, and beat 450r's. It handles really good and jumps really good but it has a lot of bump steer, so a steering stabilizer is next on my list

dirtyblaster- yeah very slowly tho.....i just did the cheap mods first