Twist throttle for 34mm Keihin?


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Oct 29, 2007
Why am I seeing the twist throttle for the 34mm Keihin? I have used the twist throttle as I was a bike man back in the day. I found that climbing uber hills that the twist throttle takes some getting used to. The systems are dead similar. ANyone know what gives?

I'm leaning toward the thumb. Ain't scared of the twist, have used it alot. Just like to know why.

From what I understand.. The Thumb throttle is better for atv jumping and certain styles of riding on atv's. The twist throttle isnt much different, but i think its a control thing.. In my eyes its a prefrence..If you trail ride as you have described in your previous posts.. the twist throttle will be fine for your application..
I thought so

I've ridden both and about the only drawback to the thumb throttle is a raw spot and sore thumb. Th twist throttle is a bit to get used to on hills. I remember when we first installed it the harder it puts you back the more she got, only took a couple times to hang of it. I just noticed alot of the 34's were associated with the twister.

Yeah a sore thumb can be a drawback.. but i installed my TORS delete kit and the new throttle cable was alot..stiffer, and i thought for sure i would have a sore thumb.. but after a day of riding i didnt.. so maybe the thumb thorttle isnt that bad in that aspect..
i personally prefer twist thorttles cuz ive always been doin bikes and sh* 250r (my first sport quad) had a twist throttle on it so i guess thats just how i learned..cuz since then ive had like 5 dirtbikes so...
the only problem with the twist throttle is JUMPING dont accidnetly gun it when u hit lmao, ive done that a few times with mine, i almost flip, but i keep it down... thumb throttle better for jumping, but i realllly prefer twist throttle, but that is just me..
i don't really like twist throttles on dirtbikes becuz if u fall off and u still hanging onto the handlebars it gives more gas and drags ur ass until u flip or hit soemthing
very true, dragging is kinda interesting !!! jk... i usually let go of the throttle side the second i feel like imma fall lol