tube on blaster,never noticed b4,wondering what it is


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Jul 28, 2007
ElkCo, PA
ok..there is a reddish colored tube comming from my engine,and follows my frame..and it was sitting up by my headlite..but it kinda melted on my FMF pipe...cuz i had everything apart getting everything redone....(and having alot of blaster probs at once incase you didnt notice) and melted a little..but i wondered...if it is a breather tube then? or what.
There's one that doesn't lead to anything in particular... it just goes and ends. As to whether or not that's it, I can't say.
You know I'm not sure but I know there is 2 lines by the oil injection. One comes from the oil reservoir on the back of the bike and the other one goes to the side of the carb. If that is the one you melted you need to start mixing your gas or buy a block off plate or repair the hose. Let me know what you find.
no, my injection is fine...i just looked at it, it is the one that just comes out and ends...i assume it is just a breather tube
thanks alot for this....i have my oil injection as far from the pipe as possible, so i asssuuummmeee it has to be that breather thinger...cuz i had blown on the tube earlier...and tried to syphon something out..and it was just yah, it isnt terrribly just gunna get a small piece of hose so i dont have to worry about it falling off and melting on my pipe..cuz that would 1. smell bad - 2. loads of smoke lol. thanks ALOT
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what lbwd said is true. Some bikes have a hose that just ends to release air pressure from the crank case. That hose would be about half inch diameter.